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Grey Wool Suit Kind Of Day — Vintage Dream Blog

Not only is this lovely lady part of the Killer Kitsch Knit-a-long, she is a brilliant vintage blogger and vintage style icon. Everyone should be following her blog!

Another cool (70’s F) kind of day here in Texas, so not one to miss a fashion opportunity, another day to wear a vintage suit to work! This wardrobe staple is a 1940’s wool two piece I purchased from Etsy store Lawrence of Baltimore. Exactly as described, timely shipping and lucky for me fits like […]

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Silent Cinema

As a child, I would spend hours watching silent movies. I was also that same child who not only wanted to be a flapper but insisted that her mother dress her like one. Fritzi Kramer runs a site called Movies Silently. You will always find incredibly informative posts about Silent Cinema from all over the world and because of Movies Silently, I have discovered silent movies I had never seen. I’m so thankful that so many silents have been preserved.

The queen of Egypt loves her Romans and so she falls for Mark Antony… What? You mean you know this one? Well, anyway, we’re looking over one of the very first feature-length Cleos with Helen Gardner in the title role. Home Media Availability: Released on DVD. Taking command A quick note before getting started. This…

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Hatpins: The Ultimate Vintage Accessory

You can flirt with a fan in your hand. You can flirt holding a cigarette, too.  But a woman can really flirt with a hat. (Dolores Foster)

I love hats. I especially love vintage hats. You would never know this by looking at my vintage accessory collection. Scarves, gloves, purses and jewelry oh my — and a sparse few hats and no vintage shoes. In the case of shoes, most are made with leather and I won’t buy items made with leather or any other animal part/product. Recently, I have found a couple companies that don’t use leather and I’m sure that my closet will be filled with many pairs of vintage inspired shoes soon. But hats you ask, why so few. Why? Oh, Why? Oh, my.


A couple years ago, my fella bought me a stunning winter hat and though not vintage, it was fashioned after a 1930s brimmed hat. I had only worn it a few times, sadly, winters are blustery here and I could never keep the hat on my head. In the summer it is also an issue with my big floppy, Miss Fisheresque straw hats. Then, my good friend gave me two stunning 1950s, black velvet hats. The kind you wear to the side of your head. I had a small and growing collection, which I found surprising considering I rarely look at hats when thrifting or at vintages shows. Why? Along with the beautiful hat, my fella bought me, I could never get them to stay put.


The solution is very simple. Very simple indeed. Keep your hat in place with either a hatpin, hat elastic, a comb or bobby pins. (If you want to watch a tutorial on how to use all of these, check out Evelyn Woods tutorial) I tried sewing combs into my hats, but that didn’t feel right for me. I have tried bobby pins for the straw hats but found them too short and the hat elastics bug me and are uncomfortable. This, of course, leaves hatpins.


I love hatpins and have alway found them to be the most beautiful pieces of art one can wear. I may also be a little bit in love with the fact that they can be used as a weapon. Did you know that in 1908, laws were passed in America that limited the length of hatpins? There was a concern they might be used by suffragettes as weapons. In 1910 laws were also passed, requiring hatpin tips to be covered to prevent injuring people accidentally.

I have been on the search for hatpins for a while now and I will be completely honest, still, couldn’t find ones that I liked or in many cases, could afford. If you have a vintage hat, you want a vintage hat pin. I have completely abandoned my search. I still want to find vintage hatpins, I also want to keep my hat on my head and because of this, decided, why not make your own vintage inspired hatpins. So I am or rather have.


Living in an urban centre I have lots of access to jewelry making supplies such as beads, sequins, a variety of stones, wires, clasps, earring posts, pendant frames, glue… everything except for the shaft needed to make a hatpin. I searched many brick and mortar, eventually giving up and looking on line. I found a few online stores that have the hatpin shaft, but nothing that was within Canada. It was back to pavement pounding for me. Eventually, I found some, however, the store only had a few left and likely won’t be ordering any more. They aren’t a popular item. If this has been 1917 instead of 2017 then I’m sure there would have been an over abundance of them. I’m considering selling them in my Etsy store, stay tuned for that.


I had a lot of fun making the hatpins. Some will be given as gifts and the others are for me. I am already dreaming up many designs for the hatpins and am going to take inspiration from other vintage hatpins as I design my own. The more I am reading about them, the more excited I am getting about making other Victorian inspired jewelry.


My Beach Pajama Obsession

“This hot, humid August is almost unbearable and we’re still in its early days of the month. The heat this year, much more humid than last summer. 1928 is bound to be the hottest year on the calendar. I’m so thankful, that I can lounge in our summer beach house, on this wicker chaise, with the ocean breeze against the cool linen of my beach pajamas.  It was clever of Mother to pack all of my large brimmed straw hats and paper umbrella’s, along with my best linens. The heat would be unbearable otherwise. If I could only catch the attention of our cabana boy, my Sidecar was finished at least ten moments ago.”

Pajamas Styles That Ladies Wore at Beaches during the 1930s (15)

Oh, to be alive during the late 1920s. Life was filled with abundance, frivolity and clothing styles that made living a dream, especially summer fashions. The lazy, hazy days of summer indeed.


Introduced in 1922 by fashion designer Coco Chanel, the Beach Pajama very quickly became the wardrobe staple of those fashion forward ladies spending time at seaside resorts or just enjoying the lazy hazy days of August. Long hot days spent lounging on a yacht, by the pool or in a folding lounger alongside the sandy beach. As with most fashion trends, when starlets such as Joan Crawford were seen wearing them as casual wear, they became a Flapper staple in movies such as ‘Our Modern Maidens’, ‘Our Dancing Daughters’ and ‘Our Blushing Brides’ and in every young woman’s wardrobe. Many other stars such as Clara Bow and Louise Brooks seemed to live in Beach Pajamas. Who would blame a dame for wanting to wear them? They were not only fashionable but incredibly comfortable on those days that sizzled.


I became obsessed with Beach Pajamas after seeing Miss Fisher wearing them in a variety of episodes of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and more recently, whilst re-watching Poirot episodes that take place at seaside resorts, such as ‘Triangle at Rhodes’, ‘Peril at End House’ or ‘Lord Edgware Dies’. Obsessed, that would be an understatement.  I am currently on the hunt for a pattern(s) and because originals are either hard to come by, delicate and likely missing pieces or darn expensive, I will be more than happy to use a replica pattern in a .pdf format.  There are a variety of designers out there that offer exactly this format for patterns.  I am including the links below. At some point soon, I am hoping to knock off a few pair and will have a blog post about the finished results.

Mrs. Depews — https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/270866171/vintage-sewing-pattern-reproduction?ref=market

Vintage Sew Bee It — https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/512359296/chic-1930s-vintage-sewing-pattern-beach?ref=market

Vintage Pattern Girl –– https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/204485242/1930s-ladies-lounging-beach-pajamas?ref=market

Eva Dress — https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/285604543/1935-3-piece-beach-ensemble-evadress?ref=market

Old Time Patterns — https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/512643833/fw252-late-1920s-early-1930s-beach?ref=market 

Lady Marlow Patterns — https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/469803195/30s-1930s-repro-vintage-womens-sewing?ref=market

Wearing History — https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/223658136/e-pattern-lounging-at-the-lido-1930s?ref=shop_home_active_5

Paired with a loose camisole or a halter top Beach Pajamas, a floppy hat and a pair of espadrilles will be perfect for the days in August when I feel as if I am melting. I won’t be near a seaside resort anytime soon, but a girl can dream. Now place a cool beverage in my hands, in a chilled highball and I’m ready to beat the heat.

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