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Sun-Glo Aloha Jumper

Well… that took me a bit longer than it should have. A weird way to start a post? Let me explain.

Several months ago, I started a KAL for the Aloha Jumper. (click HERE if you want to join) For myself, it should have been a fairly quick knit, however, several things happened between when I started and when I finished. (I was part of a test knit, I knit a cardigan for my friend’s toddler and there was a death in our family) So… ya, some delays. Anyhoooooo… I recently got back on track and the beauty is now finished.

A few things to mention if you are interested in knitting the Aloha Jumper. Be prepared for a lot of ribbing. The entire jumper is 2 x 2 rib. The yoke can be a bit tricky, even for this experienced knitter, it took me a few minutes to figure out how to best attach it. Otherwise, it is a very quick knit, especially if you opt for DK over the suggested fingering weight yarn.

Speaking of DK, why did I choose it? A few reasons. The main one, I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We now seem to have two seasons, Winter and Summer. I tend to use slightly heavier yarns, so the garment is wearable — longer. Using DK also helps the jumper knit up faster and less faffing around with sizing up.

Initially, when we started the KAL, I was off to a good start. I was able to knit the back piece and the bottom front. Then it was put in a project back and set aside until recently.

In the last two weeks, I finished the yoke, sleeves, and shoulder pads and sewed up the jumper.

To say I am pleased with how it turned out is an understatement. Also, the fit is perfection!

Construction Notes:

DK = Double Knit
KAL = Knit-a-long

The original pattern for the jumper is called Aloha, Design 2636 from Sun-Glo. It is a pattern from the mid-1940s. The pattern can be found over at the Subversive Femme website. Here is the link: https://subversivefemme.com/patterns/aloha-design-2636-from-sun-glo/

Bex (store owner) also wrote a really helpful blog post about it. https://subversivefemme.com/fo-aloha-a-1940s-knitted-jumper/

As I mentioned above, I used DK yarn (and I tried to choose a red that was close to the illustration). This will not only make the jumper warmer, it also saved me from grading up too much. The original pattern is for a 34 bust and depending on the ease of the pattern, I can be a 40/42 bust. This pattern has a lot of ease in it from the 2 x 2 ribbing. Please keep that in mind when you make this pattern. I did a swatch to see how much stretch there was.

I’m also considering designing a cardigan to go with this jumper, including adding the yoke detail on the front panels. Stay tuned for that.

One of these days I will get Zoltan to take photos of me wearing it. I will update the photos on the blog when that happens.

I have also started a Patreon and a YouTube channel. I will have additional blogs, vlogs, and information for projects there. Here is the link if you want to join. https://www.patreon.com/killerkitschdesigns and/or YouTube https://www.youtube.com/@killerkitschvintagelizzie


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