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The Nicest Bad Girl Cropped Cardigan

I now have two versions of The Nicest Bad Girl Cropped Cardigan for sale in my Etsy store! I will have a few more colour combinations coming, but I wanted to get these ones up now, as they will be perfect for your Valentine’s outfit!

The Nicest Bad Girl Cropped Cardigan name was inspired by my friend Heather aka Blue Suede Sue (you will find her over on Instagram) and the nicest bad girls from the b-movies of the 1950s. These nice bad girls could be sweet as pie, but you sure wouldn’t want to make them mad! This cardigan is handknit by me, from an original 1950s pattern. 

The Nicest Bad Girl Cropped Cardigan is made from the softest 100% acrylic yarn. The fit of this cardigan is cropped (sitting at your waist) and the overall body is a looser fit. The sleeves are ¾ in length so you can show off your lucite bracelets. 

Click on below to go directly to your cardigan of choice!
Cherry Red with pink flowers!
Blush Pink with red flowers!

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