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The Miss Bow Collection!

Introducing the Miss Bow Collection, inspired by that sassy beret wearing Clara Bow! Clara Bow was an actress of the pre-code and silent film era and known for her very sexy style. Clara was also a huge fan of berets and ascot style scarves! This is why The Miss Bow Collection is named after her. 

Both the beret and ascot scarf are hand knit from original 1930s patterns and are made from the softest 100% acrylic yarn. 

The collection is on sale in our Etsy Store. I will add the link for each colour below.

Miss Bow in Cherry Red with Blush Pink flowers
Miss Bow in Teal with Raven Black flowers SOLD OUT
Miss Bow in Blush Pink with Cherry Red flowers SOLD OUT

Size (beret): The beret fits most average sized heads.

Size (scarf): From keyhole to keyhole is approximately 14” unstretched. Because of the way the scarf is knit, it will have a good amount of allowance for stretching.

We are also having a giveaway to help celebrate the launch of this new collection! All the details are over on Instagram and our Killer Kitsch account!

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